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Notes on the saints and feasts (and former feasts) of January

At various times on this blog I've posted notes on the feasts celebrated in the Benedictine calendar of 1962, so I thought that this year I would attempt to put together links to those notes for each month, so herewith the first installment.

I've also included links to posts and other resources on  saints of particular Benedictine interest, including those whose feasts are celebrated by particular congregations or monasteries (please do point me to any I'm missing).

1 January 

Octave Day of Christmas

The Octave Day of Christmas (aka New Year) is one of those feasts that have gone through a few incarnations in recent years.

Traditionally, today is the Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord. The feast celebrates the first time the blood of Christ was shed, and thus the beginning of the process of the redemption of man. It also serves to demonstrate that Christ was fully human, and his obedience to Biblical law.

In the 1962 Calendar (including the Benedictine Universal Calendar), all of the traditional texts for the feast are retained, but the name is dropped in favour of the Octave Day. In the Novus Ordo calendar, the Feast was dropped altogether, and it has become the Feast of Mary, Mother of God...

For more:
Whatever happened to the feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord?

2 January  

St Thomas of Canterbury (Thomas a Becket), bishop & martyr

Once was...Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

3 January  

Once was...Octave Day of St John the Evangelist

4 January 

St Titus, bishop &confessor

St Titus was the addressee of St Paul's epistles of the same name, a bishop ordained by him.

5 January 

Once was...vigil of the Epiphany

Saints of the martyrology: SS Telesphorus, Apollinaris, Emiliana

6 January

Feast of the Epiphany
More on the Epiphany
Twelfth Day

Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday after Epiphany or Holy Family?
Pick your feast

7 January – Class IV

Still Christmastide... But not the Octave of the Epiphany!

8 January

Not the third day of the Octave

St Wulfsin OSB

A tenth century reforming Anglo-Saxon abbot who became bishop of Sherborne.

9 January 

Not the fourth day within the Octave

SS Julian and Basilissa

Early monastic saints from Egypt, their life was one of the sources for chapter 4 of the Benedictine Rule.

10 January 

St Paul the first hermit, confessor

St Paul of Thebes (died circa 341) fled to the desert during the persecution of Decius and Valerianus around 250 AD.  His life was written by St Jerome. 

St Peter Orseleo OSB

St Peter was a Doge of Venice, and lived between 928 and 987, who retired to become a monk in 976, and subsequently a hermit.

Not the fifth day in the Octave of the Epiphany

St Gregory of Nyssa (wiki) (Benedictine Confederation 1975 calendar)

11 January 

Not the sixth day in the Octave of the Epiphany

12 January

St Benedict Biscop OSB - English Congregation

St Benedict Biscop (c628-690) was St Bede the Venerable's first abbot, and worked hard to introduce Benedictne monastic life into Northumbria, importing books, church materials, skilled tradesmen and chant instructors in order to build up his monastery.

13 January

Commemoration of the Baptism of Our Lord

14 January

St Hilary of Poitiers, bishop and doctor

St Hilary (c310 –368) was Bishop of Poitiers.  He has a particular importance to the Western monastic tradition for his patronage and encouragement of St Martin of Tours. 

St Felix Nola

15 January 

Our Lady of Prompt Succor (wiki)

SS Maurus and Placid, disciples of St Benedict (Benedictine Confederation 1975 calendar; 5 October in the 1962 calendar)

16 January 

St Marcellus I (Pope & martyr)

St Honorius of Fondi

St Honorius was an Italian monastic founder mentioned in St Gregory the Great's Dialogues as a precedent for St Benedict's lack of a formal apprenticeship in the monastic life in a monastery.

17 January 

St Antony, abbot

18 January 

St Prisca

St Peter's Chair (see 22 Feb)

19 January 

SS Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abachum, martyrs

St Wulfstan OSB (wiki) (English Congregation)

20 January 

St Fabian (Pope) and St Sebastian, martyrs

21 January

St Agnes virgin and martyr  

St Meinrad OSB

Saint Meinrad (died 861) was a monk of Reichenau who became a hermit, maintaining a shrine with a wonder-working statue of the Virgin Mary.  He was killed by thieves after the treasures left by pilgrims.

22 January 

from the martyrology: St Vincent of Saragosa and St Anastasius

23 January 

St Emerenthiana

24 January 

St Timothy, bishop & martyr

25 January 

Conversion of St Paul (commemoration of St Peter)
From the martyrology: St Poppo OSB

26 January 

St Polycarp, bishop and martyr
From the martyrology: St Paula

St. Robert, St. Alberic and St. Stephen, Abbots of Citeaux (New Clairvaux website) - Optional Memorial (Benedictine Confederation 1975 calendar)

St Bathildis (wiki), Queen of France (Le Barroux)

27 January 

St John Chrysostom, bishop, confessor & doctor Matins reading on the saint

28 January 

St Cyril of Alexandria, bishop, confessor, doctor Matins reading

29 January

St Frances de Sales, bishop, confessor, doctor Matins reading (Roman Office)

30 January 

St Adelgundis OSB (wiki)

31 January

St John Bosco

St Alban Roe OSB, priest and martyr  (English Congregation)

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