Sunday, December 11, 2016

Monastic calendars, Ordos and donations

Just a note to alert you to the availability of some great resources now available for download or purchase from the traditional monasteries, and suggest that as we move closer to Christmas you might want to consider making a donation to one or more of the traditional monasteries.

The list below is not comprehensive, so please do feel free to add other suggestions via the combox for people to consider.


First, can I ask you to please give consideration to supporting the monks of Norcia, so badly hit by the Italian earthquakes.  The monks are gradually re-establishing the essentials, and their latest report says that they finally have a functioning chapel outside the enclosure, the chapel of St Andrew, so can offer a Sunday public Mass again.

They have been unable to print their calendar, but have instead offered it for free download online.   It is a wonderful calendar to have as it lists not only both the traditional (1963-3) and novus ordo feasts, but also older historical feasts now abolished and Benedictine specific feasts.  Please consider making a donation to their rebuilding fund.

Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

Norcia is not, of course, the only community seeking to build a monastery!  Accordingly, you might also want to consider buying the new Caroling CD put out by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.  You can listen to a delightful sample below.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek are also still engaged in a long-term monastery construction process, and also offer a calendar for purchase.  I haven't seen this year's, but past editions have been gorgeous so undoubtedly worth considering!

Notre Dame Priory, Tasmania

And please don't forget the soon to be established traditional monastery in Australia.  No products on offer as yet, but some great spiritual food already being provided nonetheless.  US donations are tax deductible.

Le Barroux

Finally, the Le Barroux Ordo is available for purchase in hardcopy or free download.  It differs from mine primarily in that:
  • it is all in Latin;
  • uses the calendar specific to its group of monasteries (in particular it includes more 1962 EF feasts then the General Benedictine Calendar of 1963, as well as including feasts specific to France and the relevant dioceses);
  • uses different rubrics in some cases (retaining I Vespers for Class II feasts, and using a simplified manner of making commemorations).
Well worth referring to though, both as a check on mine (!) and particularly if you are using a  different edition of the Diurnal or Breviary, as it often gives the first few words of antiphons etc rather than page numbers (I may think about modifying mine in future as I've come to realise a great many people are using editions other than the Farnborough Diurnal!).  And of course it is obviously essential if you are an Oblate of that monastery.

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