Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Saints and All Souls of the Benedictine Order (Nov.13&14)

Most of the major religious orders have a separate celebration for All Saints and All Souls of their Order. 

Being older than most, the Benedictine Order has rather more recognized saints than most - over 1500 according to the 1919 Catholic Encyclopaedia (and there have been quite a number added to the list since then years).  Nonetheless, on this day I always like to think not just of the formally recognized saints, but also of all those countless unrecognized monks, nuns and oblates who lived their lives quietly, faithful to their vocation, and received their reward.

Unfortunately, the monastic life is not a guarantee of either salvation or even instant sainthood, so remember too in your prayers those who have made it thus far only to purgatory...

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