Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chant from Le Barroux

I've been meaning to alert readers to a new site providing sound files of the Office from the french traditionalist monastery of Le Barroux.

Le Barroux provides live streaming of some of its Offices from its own site, but that isn't much help for those of us living in very different time zones!

Accordingly, an American group has set up a site called The Chant of Le Barroux  to help bridge the timezones.

So now you can compare and contrast the French/Solesmes style with the more robust Italo-American of Norcia!

Le Barroux's 2013 Ordo is also available on their website for Oblates of that monastery - note that it is in Latin only, and their calendar and rubrics differ somewhat from that specified in the 1962-3 Monastic Breviary (in particular, they have retained I Vespers for Second Class feasts and the Office of Our Lady on Saturday, and include a number of feasts from the EF and French calendars).

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