Our Lady of Cana update

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Just to let you know the website for the new monastery being established in Australia is now live, so do go take a look, and keep those donations rolling in!

You might also want to consider using the contact page to let them know you have made a donation, so that they can acknowledge it, as this note from Fr Pius Mary suggests suggests:
 Over the past few days since I made public the upcoming establishment of monastic life in Tasmania, several persons have already generously sent donations directly to our bank account. 
I have sent out a letter of thanks to all whose names appear on the bank receipts and whom I know, but some contain no name and others a name I am not familiar with. Until can determine the identity of each donor and effectively thank them personally, I would like to here send out a message of thanks to all those who help us financially. 
Every little bit counts, and will make it possible for us to commence our monastic life in the near future. Along with all the aspirants and close collaborators of the community, I thank you and assure you of a special place in our daily Masses and prayers. May Our Lady of Cana and Saint Joseph bless you and yours abundantly.

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