St John Leonardi (EF/OF), St Denis and companions (OF) Oct 9

Today is the feast of John Leonardi in the Extraordinary Form.  From the martyrology:

"At Rome, St John Leonardi, Confessor, founder of the Congregation of the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God, renowned for his labours and miracles.  By his good offices the Missions for the Propagation of the Faith were established."

And also today, in the Ordinary Form, St Denis, bishop of Paris martyred around 250 AD:

"At Paris, the birthday of the holy martyrs Denis the Areopagite, bishop, Rusticus, priest, and Eleutherius, deacon. Denis was baptized by the Apostle St. Paul, and consecrated first bishop of Athens. Then going to Rome, he was sent to Gaul by the blessed Roman Pontiff Clement, to preach the Gospel. He proceeded to Paris, and after having for some years faithfully filled the office entrusted to him, he was subjected to the severest kinds of torments by the prefect Fescenninus, and at length, being beheaded with his companions, completed his martyrdom."

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