Friday, June 30, 2017

Have a question about the Benedictine Office?

Just to let you know that if you have questions about the Ordo, or want to discuss the Benedictine Office, the best way to do this is to join the facebook group called Traditional Benedictine Office.

This is where you can ask questions and seek help from others in the group (including me), discuss aspects of the Benedictine Office, or suggest topics for me to blog on.

In addition, of course my assorted blogs provide notes you can refer to:

(1) The Ordo - each Saturday (Australian time) the weekly Ordo is scheduled to appear on this blog, but you can also find the full year's Ordo, together with more detailed notes on the Office in particular seasons, and feasts that occur each month here.

(2) For notes on the rubricstry the Learn to say the Office page of this blog.  For notes on how to say Matins, go here.

(3) For advice on books and other sources of help, try the resources page of this blog.

(4) For help understanding the psalms in the context of the Benedictine Office, try the Psallam Domino Blog.

(5) For Matins readingsLectio Divina Notes Blog provides translations of the readings and responsories for major feasts (and lower level days depending on how much time I have and availability of the texts online).

Where available, the readings are generally scheduled to appear on the blog at 2.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time the day before the relevant day.  If this timing doesn't work for me, let me know.

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