Monday, June 19, 2017

St Romuald OSB (June 19; Feb 7)

Fr Angelico

Today is the feast of St Romuald in some calendars - in the 1962 calendar his feast is celebrated in Feburary, but he actually died on June 19 and his feast has been restored to the date in most modern calenars.  The Martyrology says:
At Ravenna, St. Romuald, anchoret, founder of the monks of Carnaldoli, who restored and greatly extended monastic discipline, which was much relaxed in Italy. He is also mentioned on the 7th of February.
You can read more about the saint here.


Janol said...

Kate, just a note to say THANK YOU for these daily emailings on the saints. Something I really appreciate. Don't like/use typical "Saint of the Day" apps but your posts are related to the Diurnal and I'm always wanting to check out my 4-vol.LOH on the saints or google them to refresh my memory on dates, etc. And of course, everything YOU do, is done well. Again, thank you.

Kate Edwards said...

Glad you are enjoying them, Judith, and thanks for your encouraging words.