Brush up your rubrics - Getting ready for Advent - Lauds, Part I

Today I want to continue my series on getting ready for Advent with a look at Lauds in the first part of Advent.

Ordinary of Advent

For the first half of Advent (up to and including December 16), although there are special antiphons for each Sunday of Advent, on weekdays the psalms and antiphon on weekdays at Lauds are exactly as set out in the psalter.

The key thing to remember is not to use the chapter, short responsory, hymn and versicle from the psalter section, but instead use the texts for the 'Ordinary of Advent', MD 9* (ie the same chapter, hymn etc every day)

Proper of Advent

In addition,  there is a Benedictus antiphon for each Advent day - so you need to keep a track of which day and week you are in.

Where to put your ribbons

In other words, you basically need to deploy three ribbons  - one for the psalms and antiphons of the day; one for the Ordinary of Advent; and one for the Advent day (plus from Tuesday onwards, one for Psalm 66 and another the text of the Benedictus).

 The table below summarises where the texts can be found in the Diurnal.

Lauds on weekdays in Advent up to and including 16 December

‘Default’ texts

Opening prayers – Deus…
MD 1

Psalm 66 – Deus miseratur…
MD 38, 58

Of day of the week

Antiphon(s), Psalm 50; 2 variable psalms; OT canticle; Laudate psalms Ps 148-150
Monday - MD 59
Tuesday - start MD 76
Wednesday – MD 89
Thursday – MD 102
Friday - MD 118
Saturday - MD 133

Of Advent – Venite et ascendamus

Short Responsory
Of Advent – Veni ad liberandum

Of Advent – Vox Clara

Of Advent – Vox clamantis

Antiphon for the Benedictus
Of the Advent Day (ie Monday in the first week of Advent, Tuesday in..., etc)

MD 56, 73

Antiphon for the Benedictus

Closing prayers
 MD 57

-          Collect
Of the Advent week/day

-          Commemoration of the saint
Canticle antiphon, versicle and collect said immediately after the collect of the day

The hymn: Vox clara

If you want to learn the hymn, the recordings below give the correct tune (but with some minor word differences).

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