Brush up your rubrics: Getting ready for Advent - Matins

Continuing this little series on getting ready for Advent, today a quick look at Matins during Advent.

Matins during Advent

Matins during Advent is actually fairly straightforward - although there are some seasonal texts, unlike the day hours, Matins doesn't become more complicated in the second half of Advent!

The key changes are that:
  • instead of the daily invitatory verses that are normally used with Psalm 94, there are two seasonal ones; 
  • the hymn  (Verbum supernum) is of the season rather than the day of the week; 
  • on Sundays there are antiphons for the season;
  • the versicles at the end of the first Nocturn are of the season; 
  • there are three readings each day, generally from Isaiah; 
  • the final chapter is of the season; and 
  • on Sundays the third Nocturn canticles are of the season.
If you are using a breviary to say Matins, all of this is set out in the Ordinary (pgs 14-15 of Volume 1 for the 1963 edition).

If you are using the Clear Creek booklet, however, not all of these texts are included, so I'll point you to sources for the missing parts.

Invitatory and hymn

The invitatory verse up until the thrid Sunday of Advent is the same as the Roman Office, viz:

 Regem venturum Dominum * Venite adoremus.

The Lord, the King who is to come * O come, let us adore Him.

Note though that there are a couple of different versions of the chant around; the monastic one can be found in the Liber Hymnarius (pg and 146).  You can here it sung below.

From the third Sunday, the invitatory becomes:

Prope est iam Dominus * Venite adoremus.
The Lord is now near * O come, let us adore Him.

The hymn is also the same as the Roman Office, and so the text can be found at Divinum Officium.


The antiphons, versicles and so forth needed are generally listed in psalters, so it is just a matter of making sure you use the ones noted for Advent.Note that on week days the antiphons are as for throughout the year.  You can find the readings for each day listed over at my Lectio Divina blog.

Hope this helps...and now, please, go do a little proofreading for me!

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